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What are the technical requirements of the valve installation?  

1, the direction of. General valve body with signs, the direction of the arrow refers to the direction of gas flow forward. Special attention must be paid to the counter. Because there are all kinds of valves for gas one-way circulation, such as safety valve, pressure reducing valve, check valves, throttle valve, and for cut-off valve in order to facilitate the opening and maintenance, also called gas from the bottom up through the valve seat, but when installing the valve, cock without restrictions on the flow direction.
2, installation location. To long-term operation and maintenance of the valve to consider, as far as possible to facilitate the operation and maintenance, but also pay attention to the appearance of the assembly at the time of the assembly.
3, the installation of the plug. Check the specifications identified no damage, thread nipple cover and screw in too much oil and debris removal and test cock sealing performance. The gas cock in the installation must pay attention to force when, according to plug specifications, size selection of different specifications of the pipe wrench or wrench to install.
4, mounting screw valve, valve company should ensure thread intact; can use wrench as wrench, do not use a pipe wrench, to avoid damage to the appearance of the valve body.
5, flange type valve installation, must ensure that the two flange section is parallel to each other and on the same axis, tighten the bolt should be cross cross, so that the valve end face uniform.
6, flange and threaded connection of the valve should be installed in the closed state. Butt welding valve and pipeline connection, weld bottom should adopt argon welding welding to ensure internal cleaning, welding, the valve should be closed to prevent thermal deformation.
7, under normal circumstances, the valve is directly connected with the bellows expansion joints, so it should be based on the valve and bellows expansion joints and the size of the flange and gasket, the two sides of the pipe cut off, set aside the installation location.
8, lifting the valve, not of the rope line in the first round or stem, to prevent damage should be light hanging, handle with care, not collision. Put on piers, according to the requirements of the stability and elevation of cushion pad. The valve must have strong buttress or support the valve supporting valve does not allow hanging stress.