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Vodafone says it might leave the U.K.
British industry giant Vodafone (VOD) says it's considering moving its headquarters out of the U.K. following last week's shock referendum result.
The loss of the company, whose stock helps anchor the benchmark FTSE 100, would be a stinging blow for a country that is struggling to come to terms with the economic consequences of a vote to divorce its European neighbors.
Vodafone said in a statement that Britain's EU membership has "been an important factor" in its growth. It added that bedrock EU principles including freedom of movement of people, capital and goods are all vital for regional companies.
"It is ... not yet possible to draw any firm conclusions regarding the long-term location for the headquarters," the company said. "We will continue to evaluate the situation and will take whatever decisions are appropriate in the interests of our customers, shareholders and employees."
Most people here are happy to tell you why they voted out.
We met Christine and Gary Bristow outside the shopping center on the Orchard Estate, one of the town's poorest areas.
The Bristows are in their sixties and have lived in Hull their whole lives. They told us they were "fed up, there is nothing round here," and said they voted to leave because they feel left behind by Westminster.
They don't think that the European Union has ever done much for their area and blame the EU for the decline of the fishing industry in Hull. It was a thriving business when the UK joined the EU in the 1970s, but now is pretty much non-existent.
Many residents we spoke to in Hull shared the same view; they backed a Brexit because they felt things were so bad they had nothing to lose.
UK more divided than ever before
Pensioner Cecil Fordham voted out because he believes social services are over burdened by the town's newcomers.
"There's your doctors isn't there. You can never get there. You're two weeks waiting to get in to your doctors," he said.

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