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Technical Characteristics and Operation of Steel Welding Straight Through Filter
Steel welding through the filter is jktl company developed another new product, mainly used in heating, air conditioning, HVAC, water supply system and sewage pipes, pipe installation of this valve can be closed without the need to achieve on-line valve, the valve design structure It is easy to heat, can reduce a lot of heat loss, its installation using welding connection, eliminating the need for flanges, bolts, gaskets, etc., save a lot of material resources.
Technology: caliber: DN25-DN600
Nominal pressure: PN1.6-2.5Mpa
Use medium: water
Material: carbon steel
Connection: welding

Steel welding through the filter has passed the ISO9001 national certification, access to the national utility model patents, patent number: 201520048876.3, national invention patent, patent number: 201510035215.1 national appearance patent number: 201430494274.1
Material: filter body are made of carbon steel pipe and filter material 304 stainless steel.
Technical features:
1. Filter body and take over are made of carbon steel pipe manufacturing, eliminating the casting process of environmental pollution. The connection with the pipe is also the use of welding connections, eliminating the use of the pipeline connection flange, bolts, gaskets.
2. Sewage and backwash without shutting down the equipment, which is easy to operate. In a small space can also be sewage.
3. Body wall is smooth and suitable for sewage,
4. Filter body with a sewage valve, and check the hole, to facilitate sewage and check the sewage failure.
5. With a sewage takeover, you can take the hose to the debris to the designated location, so that the equipment site cleaner.
6. Filter filter long and filter area, the resistance is very small.
7. The use of the external filter structure, the media through the debris filter in the filter outside, easy to sewage
8. Stainless steel filter tube welded in the take over, so that the tube was solid and durable, with the pipeline with the life.
9. Through the way through, it is appropriate to reduce the heat loss.
10. Filter body welding robot welding, welding quality, no leakage.
11. Filter design life of 30 years, the normal operation of 10 years warranty.

Filter body and take over are made of steel pipe manufacturing, the first valve body hydraulic nozzle, filter tube welding in the take over, the welding of the filter tube with the other end of the tube directly connected to the body. And then welding on the observation port, joints, fitted with sewage valve, sewage take over. Finally screw on the plug.
The steel welding through the filter welded to the sewage pipe, when the media through the filter, the media debris in the filter to the outside, the sewage can be opened on-line sewage valve debris out of the body, by taking over and connecting The hose is routed to the specified position. After the sewage is completed, the sewage valve can be closed.
If the heating and air conditioning circuit line can be backwash, close the front of the filter valve, open the sewage valve, the use of water back to the pipe body and filter cartridge can be backwash, so that attached to the filter hole The debris is removed by backwashing.
Maintenance - either from time to time to open the drain valve to filter out the debris removal device in vitro.

The value of steel welding through filters
Steel welding through the development of the filter, the pipe network sewage more rationalized. But also to solve the previous installation of Y-type filter is difficult to do insulation and loss of a large number of heat load status, the focus is that steel welding through the filter can be online from time to time sewage.
Application it can be integrated with the welding ball valve, welded butterfly valve integrated set. Applied to the heating, air conditioning works, so that off, filter, sewage, observation integration. Eliminating the cost of flanges, bolts, gaskets, saving a lot of material resources. For the global heating and energy conservation to make a positive contribution to lead the world's new trend of HVAC valves. But also because of its easy installation, easy insulation, convenient discharge, the use of safety, long life and other characteristics, will become the pipe network system, air conditioning systems and sewage system essential products.

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