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Single Flange Fully Welded Ball Valve

single flange fully welded ball valve



Working pressure:PN16-40

Temeperature range:-30~200℃


Single flange fully welded ball valve is in Hebei Tongli company specially developed according to user requirements , single flange fully welded ball valve can be individually welded , and the other end connected to the flange .
Single flange fully welded ball valve design reasons that other valves after pipeline installation , you can not directly install fully welded ball valve , according to the circumstances, Hebei Tongli company specializing in a single flange fully welded ball valve. Flanged ends can and other valves, or pipe flange connection, and the other end connected by welding , easy to replace the valve flange end .

Single flange fully welded ball valve applications :
City gas : gas export pipeline , the main trunk and each branch supply pipes.
Central heating : Large heating equipment output pipelines, trunk , branch .
Heat exchangers : Pipeline and its opening and closing the loop .
Steel plant : a variety of fluid pipes, exhaust pipes, gas and
Heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipe.
A variety of industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipes , industrial gas and heating pipes.

Single flange fully welded ball valve construction and design :
Single flange welded ball valve is completely designed and manufactured in accordance with API6D , fire anti-static . Stem lengthened according to user requirements , body and other metal parts used in all spheres of high-quality forged materials to ensure the quality and strength of ball . Sphere with packing boxes or support plate fixation. Packing boxes or support plate fixed ball can eliminate bending media sphere force acting on the valve stem to produce , so the stem is exposed only torque. And in the sphere of fixed low-friction Teflon around Le composite bearings. Smooth operation of the valve , a small switch torque , easy to operate. Seal is a unique two soft seal and metal seal form triple sealing . Ensure reliable sealing, safe to use. Long-life , maintenance-free .

Single flange fully welded ball valve Features:
1. single flange body structure , individual welding, there will be no external leakage.
2. the valve seat by a PTFE sealing ring and spring changes in the composition of the pressure and temperature adaptability in the range does not have any leaks.
3.anti- leak stem structure at the bottom of the stem has a self-proclaimed PTFE seals and an O-ring, there are two O -rings above , consisting of two PTFE gaskets to ensure no leakage .
4.the body is light and easy to heat .
5.can be selected according to a single flange welded ball valve flange diameter pipeline , construction and design requirements can adjust the length of the body and stem height.
6.the sphere is very precise precision , easy operation, no adverse interference .
7.there are two kinds of welded and flanged connections .
8.Operation: Lever , gear ( vertical / horizontal )
9.in the case of valves used in normal operation , the warranty period is 20 years.