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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Shut-off Butterfly Valve JKTL or DAP

Tight-closing butterfly valve for process engineering and industrial applications.
Nominal size: DN50 to 400 · NPS 2 to 16.
Nominal pressure: PN10 and 16.
Max. Operating pressure 10 or 16 bar. 
Temperatures: -10 to +150°C · 14 to 302°F

JKTL Shut-off Butterfly Valve with:
- JKTL Butterfly Valve and single-acting Pneumatic Rotary Actuator.
Valve body made of
- Cast iron
- Spheroidal graphite ironSeat ring made of
Butterfly disk made of
- Spheroidal graphite iron
- Cast stainless steel
- PTFE-coated
Attachment of control valve accessories, such as pneumatic or electropneumatic positioners, electrical or pneumatic limit switches or solenoid valves according to VDI/VDE 3845.

Throttling service:
The butterfly valve can also be used for throttling service in the rotation range from 25° to 60°.

Standard version · Nominal size DN 50 to 300
- JKTL (Fig. 1) · JKTL with single-acting JKTL Pneumatic Rotary Actuator.

Further versions:
- Double-acting Type DAP Rotary Actuator.
- Larger valve sizes on request.
- Emergency manual override for Pfeiffer JKTL and Type JKTL Rotary Actuators.
- Single-acting JKTL Pneumatic Rotary Actuator.
- Special materials.

Principle of operation:
The medium flows through the butterfly valve. The flow coefficient depends on the opening angle of the butterfly disk (4) and, as a result, the cross-sectional area between the disk and the body. The disk is connected to the actuator by the shaft and coupling elements.
The disk and the seat ring (3) come into contact with the process medium. The seat ring also functions as a flange seal.
Fail-safe position:
Depending on the version of the rotary actuator, the butterfly valve has two different fail-safe positions which become effective when the pressure is reduced or when supply air fails:
Fail-close: The butterfly valve is closed when the supply air fails.
Fail-open: The butterfly valve opens when the supply air fails.
- Bearing bushing with O ring
- Seal ring
- Butterfly disc with shaft
- Retainer
- Disc spring
- Elastomer
- Mounting plate
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