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Operation principle of self actuated flow control valve
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Self-actuated flow control valve from the structure that is a double valve combination, that is, by a manual adjustment valve group and automatic balance valve group, manually adjust the role of the valve group is set flow, automatic balance valve group is to maintain the role of flow Constant.

For the manual adjustment of the valve group, the flow rate G = Kv (P2-P3), Kv depends on the opening degree, opening unchanged, then the flow G unchanged, and P2-P3 constant by the automatic balance valve group control of. Such as the inlet and outlet pressure difference P1-P3 increases, the pressure balance film and the spring by the action of the automatic balance valve group is small, so that P1-P2 increased, thus maintaining the P2-P3 constant; the other P1- The automatic balancing valve group is opened and the P1-P2 is reduced to maintain the constant value of P2-P3. Both in the pipe network pressure changes, the automatic spool will be under pressure in the role of automatically open or close the small valve port to maintain the set flow value unchanged.

Manual adjustment of each opening of the valve group corresponds to a flow, opening and flow relationship by the test bench test calibration, and with the degree of display and locking device.