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Hydraulic level control valve

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Control Valve information
Hydraulic level control valve is an automatic control water tank, water tower liquid level of the hydraulic control valve. When the water surface falls more than the preset straight, the floating ball valve is opened, and the piston upper chamber pressure is reduced. Piston formed under pressure, this pressure under the action of the valve flap to open the water supply operation; when the water level rises to a preset height, the float valve closed, piston chamber pressure increasing resulting in the valve closed to stop water supply. So that the automatic control of the liquid level in the set height, automatic water supply function.

The valve moves smoothly, effectively prevent the pump water hammer and stop pumping water hammer, to avoid excessive pressure pipeline. Automatic water supply system for water tank, a water tower. The valve maintenance is simple, flexible and durable, high accuracy of level control, the water level is not affected by water pressure interference and close tight, reliable performance.
The valve is widely used in high-rise building, city water, fire, industrial and mining enterprises of the pool, water pipe in the water tower. Adjust and control the outlet pressure of the main valve, main valve outlet pressure is not due to the variation of the inlet pressure, the change, nor because of the change of the main valve outlet flow and change the outlet pressure, but for the life of water supply, fire protection system and industrial to the system.