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How to meet the welding requirements of fully welded ball valves
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full-welded ball valve is a typical narrow-gap submerged arc welding products, involving materials science, welding technology, welding equipment, automated development, three-dimensional thermal elastoplastic finite element calculation and pipeline ball valve design and other aspects of knowledge.

Full welding of the ball valve requirements?
Through the analysis of weld forming and weld metal mechanical properties, as well as the analysis of the results of welding test, the valve body structure, weld groove form and seatstructure are designed, and the chemical composition of the valve body raw material is strictly controlled. Choose reasonable.

Welding flux and process parameters, the use of narrow gap groove multi-channel, multi-layer welding, timely control of the inter-layer temperature during the welding process, fully meet the welding requirements of all welded ball valve. Hebei Tongli company using advanced German Siemens robot welding technology.

Surgery To ensure the accuracy of each valve. To meet the national standard and above the national standard.