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 High and low zone self-pressure differential control valve, to achieve the absolute advantage of direct heating
Dynamic balance of electric control valve
Jktl valve since 1993, professional commitment to the development of HVAC business, with the rapid development of China's national economy and urban construction, the region's high-rise buildings continue to emerge, for high-rise building heating system, high and low district heating problem, into A major focus, how to solve the high and low area near hot far cold, uneven heating phenomenon, the following three options for reference:

1. To set up a single boiler or heat exchanger and a corresponding pipe for the high-rise building area, that is, to isolate the high-zone heating system from the low-area heating system, and to form two independent heating systems. Reliable, but the cost is too high, the operating costs are high.
2. The use of double water tank system, now high-rise buildings in the establishment of two insulated water tanks and two specialized water tank equipment, not only increase the cost of the project, and the high water tank is open, so that the dissolved oxygen in the circulating water greatly increased, The system of oxygen corrosion, circulating water in the Langer tank several times into the outflow, heat loss is great.
3. The use of special high and low zone self-pressure differential control valve directly connected to the heating equipment, although this ensures the safe operation of the region, eliminating the high regional heating imbalance, improve the quality of heating.
Jktl valve uphold the quality of the first, the principle of service first, has innovative production of dynamic resistance balance valve, adjustable differential pressure control valve, many times by the national and municipal leaders of the honor and awards, won the National Innovation Fund 1 million yuan, The follow-up developed specifically for high-zone heating problems, the production of high and low zone self-pressure differential control valve, and for the HVAC, low cost, wide range of full-application ball valve, you want to know more valve information, In my company's website,

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Here we come to introduce the use of high and low zone self-pressure differential pressure control valve What are the characteristics: First of all, we look at the high and low zone self-pressure differential control valve structure is simple, easy to control, and most importantly, low cost, with its collaboration The valves include: self-operated flow control valve, self-operated differential pressure control valve, electromagnetic shut-off valve,

automatic safety valve, circulating water pump, compensating pump, you can achieve high-area heating system direct connection heating. Thank you for visiting jktl valve official website!