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Heating system to save energy-jktl valve
self-flow control Valve,jktl valve
Heating system to save energy, which increase revenue from the macro point of view mainly through three channels. The first is to achieve the hydraulic balance of pipe network to overcome the hot and cold uneven phenomenon; this part of the heat loss is about 20 to 30%. The second is through the installation of radiator temperature control valve, make full use of room temperature changes, home appliances, lighting and other free heat; third is the household heat metering to improve the energy awareness of the heat residents, reducing the windows and other unnecessary heat, Do not heat when the small valve, to achieve energy conservation residents. And these three energy-saving ways, hydraulic balance is a prerequisite, if the water balance did not do the other two will not achieve good results, or even impossible. The hydraulic balance of the system is mainly external network, installed in the external network: self-flow control valve and other products to transform the residents of the interference is also small, easy to carry out, the income is also fast.
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