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Full-welded ball valve, one-piece welding ball valve routine maintenance
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In order to extend the life of full-welded ball valves, all-in-one full-welded ball valves, the following procedure should be followed to operate and maintain full-welded ball valves and integral full-welded ball valves.

1. All-in-one fully welded ball valve operation
Valve often operate to prevent impurities in the valve seat or ball ball surface aggregation, but also to avoid the local seat body over-wear.

(1) opening and closing time requires that the valve switch too fast will cause the valve to distort the load too large to damage the stem. A slow switch will cause the seat surface to be worn out for a long time by the media, so the operating time should be kept within a suitable range. according to experience, the valve switch time (seconds) control range, the lower limit of the nominal size of the valve (inches), the upper limit of the valve nominal size (inches) 5 times to estimate.

(2) the valve is in the state of operation called, the ball should be fully open or fully closed, shall not be in the semi-open or semi-closed position, so as not to damage the valve seat.

2. Routine maintenance

The valve seat is the area where the pipeline valve is most likely to be contaminated. In order to ensure freedom of movement of the valve seat, should be cleaned once a year, through the mouth of the valve regularly check the sealing. Auxian mainline valves are often rarely adjusted and should be switched at least once a year and note into the amount of grease, to prevent the ball and the valve seat and the ball between the valve seat and the sub-mill.

The full technical characteristics of the fully welded ball valve make the entire gas line one (all welded), enhance the overall resistance to the pipeline (including the valve), and reduce the ability to resist geological hazards (such as geological collapse). The possibility of leakage. Valve reliability improve life expectancy, installation and maintenance is also very convenient.