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Flow control valve - both building renovation heating system
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Existing building renovation heating system - flow control valve
Hebei Tongli Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in thermal power plant as the basic heat source, both buildings for the indirect connection of heating users of the heating system, which found that the flow control valve can be a deep solution to the uneven supply of pipe network, uneven flow The phenomenon.

JKTL flow control valve Introduction:
jktl vlave company's self-actuated flow control valve (flow control valve) is a constant flow system valve, according to the design set water flow,according to the expected design to adjust the installation, the pipe network to achieve system balance. Can be 20% -30% energy saving for heating.

Installation of flow control valves:
1, The valve are installed in the return pipe, but also in the supply pipeline.
2, The system pressure is too large need to reduce the pressure, according to the supply pipeline, are generally installed in the return pipe;
3, The level of installation, vertical installation can be. Easy to debug the best position;
4, The direction of media flow must be consistent in the direction of the valve body arrow. Flow control valve Note:
1, This valve can not provide power, which can only eliminate the pipe network pressure before the installation of the pipe network to calculate the hydraulic balance, the pressure is not enough or the end of the user and the heating effect is not good User is strictly prohibited to install after installation may cause the user heating effect More bad;
2, The valve does not have the ability to shut down, can not be used when the truncated valve;
3, Do not rinse water from the backwater pipe and pressure;
4, The summer should not be hot when the water maintenance pipeline and valves;
5, This valve can not solve the problem caused by pipeline blockage.

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